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  1. bump, any bot for new L2Max server?
  2. I have the same problem with the new x5 server on L2Ex (www.l2ex.eu). As far as I know this indicates that the server is protected by LameGuard. Is there any way to deal with this?
  3. The same error when trying to connect to new L2Ex x5 using L2.NET v388.
  4. Just an information - s80 drop and spoil is NOT available on this server. And the admin doesn't want to implement it, claiming that people will get s80 too quickly then. Hunting ground from Epilogue are also not working (GC, MM, DoE, PI are all unusable). The server is practically a GE interface, but all the gameplay is GF. I played there for few days when I realised that dynasty is practically not accessible and I left, so I just want to inform others so they won't waste their time.
  5. Server rates have been changed! Instead of 8x, we now have 15x. Quests for 1, 2 and 3rd professions are automatic and you will get appropriate rewards for them. Quest for subclass is made a lot easier - you don't have to fight RB's nor Baium now. A gm-shop up to B-grade has been added and you can easily access crystals for shots craft from the market. Community is small and very young (only 1 char with fresh subclass) and is also very interesting and friendly. Administration of the server listens to it's players and the server will be modified to match their needs. Come and have
  6. Server is starting today, at 20:00 GMT+1. We invite everyone interested!
  7. Beta is up and running, more info here: http://l2maivery.npx.pl/news.php
  8. Beta start on 15th of August at 20:00 GMT+1.
  9. Server rules have been updated, you can find them here: http://l2maivery.ownbb.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11
  10. Making some custom events for the server, you can check them out on the site soon.
  11. The server will have a dedicated machine placed in a big company, with guaranteed 100 Mbps, a lot of RAM and quite fast hard drives (not the fastest, but still good enough). It will NOT be placed at home. With such configuration, it should be comfortable to play even for online as high as 2000 players.
  12. A website and new forum have been made. Links in the first post modified!