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  1. Hello In the package, you get websites easy to modify (ready to use). Contacts; PM Me here Skype: Rzeszvt You can view the template here's the image (btw., the image is only 70% size):
  2. Hello In the package, you get full site website buttons. Buttons created by me not copied - with all PSDs. Contacts: PM Me here(better Pm here i dont like Skype) Skype: Rzeszvt You can view the images:
  3. Hello guys. Vote button/s created by me. 1. Button - Vote on HopZone. You can edit all what you want. :) (Change font, background, color). More soon!!! Payment via PAYPAL. PM : Rzeszut and say your price ! Email: rzeszut889@gmail.com Best regards, Rzeszut.
  4. Hello i got question: How to add it to L2j files? I got very good l2j acis files but I need this npc ;(
  5. I find tvt event engine for l2j server interlude , please help me.
  6. ok ok this is section on problem thats ok , please help me :D its ok i search on internet on l2jforum and i dont no
  7. Hello dear members , please add events code for acis project , tvt and more... project acis no events in pack , please help me. Java code for events , work on acis.