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  1. Well I am sorry to say this..BUT... I have a x64 bit server with 8g ram and tried ALL the OFF packs available here and NOT ONE WORKS!! Either they do not start, or parts of them do not work! On one pack that I got started, there are no drops and no exp and no sp! DB error...but no one is bothered to upload the fix! Really nice community spirit!!
  2. The server starts fine and everything i log into the game and everything is spawned ect...but when i kill a mob i get 0xp and 0sp and no drops :(
  3. Hi all My OFF server running like a sports car! However, there is no EXP, no SP and no Drops! I have tried some 'fixes' I found but no luck! Any ideas? Help will be appreciated!
  4. Hi guys i got my server to start at last but i duno how to fix the error i am having i cant get drops ,exp or sp from the monsters..?anybody know how to fix this?I am using a L2 Off interlude server
  5. L2 III? OMG...NCSoft have lost the plot!
  6. Hi All I am truly a noob! But I have an excuse...I AM OLD!! So...be NICE!! hehe