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  1. Hello, Selling Bishop level 66 premium account. Blue wolf Robe BO jewels. Ecliptic Axe +5lv Iss. Around 5kk adena. Discord : Dash#0945 Skype : csdash1
  2. Hello, I'am Platinum 2 player, I'll boost elo in EUNE/EUW servers, elo will be boosting from Bronze to gold. For first person I can boost 1 FREE division, so I can get reputation. These are 2 acc I played a week ago for promotion games, and the next one I'am playing for fun to show that I can. Atm I'am arround 17/1 W/L http://www.lolking.net/summoner/euw/21354478#profile http://www.lolking.net/summoner/euw/23510469#history Rules: 1. When I'll be playing your account you cannot play ranked games. 2. If I would need any champion I would buy it. 3. RP in your accou
  3. Selling my own acc waiting for offers in PM via paypal. *Champions:73 *Skins:29 *Rune Page:6 *Wins:135 win ranked/ 789 wins normal. Gold III, season 2 - gold.
  4. Hello there, So I'am wondering does anyone know how to bypass Boku payment system? I know it is possible. I'll tell you abit how boku works, BOKU is quick and easy to use: * Enter mobile number * Receive text message confirmation * Reply as instructed to confirm Somehow it is possible to bypass this, maybe someone know and wants to share? Ty.
  5. Is there any c2 server out there? O.o