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  1. Bought an account from this guy on another server, went smooth and quick. that account i bought long ago also had no email, used it for 2+ years, no scam, nothing shady.
  2. x3 wtb orfen any level
  3. x3 wtb orfen any level, and some adena depending on the price.
  4. Bought goods for 300e from him, quick delivery, no bullshit all as described.
  5. Bought SE from him, everything went fast and smothly, +rep
  6. Pm here, or in skype Ygorator. preferably EE 68+, but ill take se also. Dont need items, can be naked.
  7. Bought 2 accounts from him for a good price, all went smooth and quick.
  8. Bought adena from him, realiable, super fast transfer, recommend.
  9. wtb epics, adena, maybe OE demon dagger, pm here or skype:Ygorator
  10. WTS items and char on l2e-global x25 Skype: Ygorator, only paypal and only friends and family option. CHAR Noblesse EE main, sps sub ITEMS Frintezza, zaken, tts ring +8, rest tts +3 AM+3+ACU + empower passive AM+3+ACU + empower active AM+3+ACU + refresh magic skills AM+3+ACU + Shadow flare AM+3+ACU + Buolder ( stone attack skill) AM+3+ACU + Prominence AM+3+ACU + Hydro blast AM+3+Mana up AM+3+ACU DC robe set + 6 MA robe set +6 Tallum robe +3 BONUS 65 ews, around 20 eas.Some other trash items like tallum glaive, tallum h set, dc items, mj items, blue 13 cr, alot of materials, which ill give for free if you buy everything togheter.
  11. Dark avenger - spellsinger nobl AM+9+acu AM+5+acu AQ+6, core+4, core +5, orfen +5,zaken +4 2 dc robe sets, tallum h set (helm, plate armor gloves +6) Mj light set fb+3(no sa) 2 blue 13 crystals For everything i want 200 USD Cheers.