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  1. New in stock!!! - Drake set +6 - Homunkulus +8 - Eminence bow +10
  2. Thank you for your nice words, I am happy that I could help you and happy to have this trades with you.
  3. He is trusted buyer, I've sold him goods in value of 300-400 Euro. Decent and friendly person!
  4. WTS 1,5 billion on L2Classic.club Talking Island x3
  5. I am trading/selling all kind of items on L2Classic.club x3 Talking Island for Skelth accounts, items, adena etc. I sell/trade Adena, D,C,B Armors, Jewels, Weapons (all kind) enchanted or not contact me in pm or simply write your skype above.
  6. I sell adena at the best price, CoLs half price, B grade items, C grade items even D grade. Write me your skype and we keep in touch!
  7. Update 30 Euro level 47 now 19 days subscription
  8. Wts chars on skelth and adena Send me pm with your skype. Top offer for HE lv 46 35Euro with active subscription 23 days (with C grade or without) Adena 2$ per million