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  1. Well, theres some of us who dont have an income like you ;> to afort donating
  2. I use it and it helps on pvp... tho its true you lose alot of cp pots this way
  3. I've tryied with the latest version of Phx and i didnt managed to do anything.. tryied it on several servers but still.. nothing. I'm not very experienced at using it tho, but i'd like to have a version that was for interlude only, maybe.. Thank you.
  4. Hello everyone, i'm Cowpower, a 23 year old romanian "shemale" that has just found about your great comunity and wishes to learn more about the great stuff you teach and share around here. Tho I can't see all post and read em becouse i'm just a n00bah at the moment i know theres still alot of great posts and shares to discover along the way. P's out. -Cowpower-
  5. And still, i can't see a lot of em.. but my day will come and i shall persuade till it comes.
  6. hello, i need phx for interlue.. 3.1.8 or something like that, i've searched everywhere for it and all links seem to be gone or broken or missing file where can i get it?