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  1. Like in topic, i want to have information what debuffs are active on target monster, it is possible on Classic ?
  2. Hello, I'm searching if there is possible to change from hover to constant display name of items on ground (dropped by monster or player) i searched in l2.ini and user.ini but no success.
  3. Looking for Tallum havy set, 2h blunt/sword S grade "I buy only time spend on game." EDIT: LF IC SET (S) and nightmare hvy set (A) Edit2: Currently i'm looking for Tallum Plate Armour (A), IC parts/set (S) Dragon Hunter Axe (S) and Heaven's Divider (S)
  4. Have you more things like that ? :) I'll check it.
  5. Can you investigate bug in displaying party members ? sometimes when a pt invites 3rd or 4th person the new pt member see half of names of some pt earlier members and hp of that members is frozen in window.
  6. Nice share all items in one place. Good job. PS: Please add some CT 2.3 mods.
  7. Ty for share, hotfile link is missing; Is there any newe version of Gracia Final System that removes fuly the bug with party display ?