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  1. Well i'm playing on this server: http://www.l2bloodhearts.com Pretty funny server, they remodded a lot of stuff, there tons of new NPC with new textures. There are new skills per class, that one is hella funny: The server is in beta test atm, so rates are rly high. There is also a low rate, but i have not tested it yet, i've seen there were tons of custom weapons on it. Here are the features, i'm just c/p Misc Features: Zariche sword event working & regularly/randomly started. No clan Penalities No bots ALL the old usual NPC were deleted but you can still walk
  2. It's NOT possible with windows x32, it is with linux, but the server will lag a lot
  3. I've been trying every walkers possibilities, from L2gold's walker to some russian softwares, nothing actually work on L2BH. http://www.l2bloodhearts.com This server is new and is L2off Interlude, but i cannot connect with IG or OOG bot.
  4. lol i bet the screen come from a random L2J server in localhost
  5. Does this work on L2J or L2Off?
  6. haha you made my day thanks
  7. 1068 i_i I want the 69's one!
  8. LOL You cannot log in with C5 gameguard on C4 server off without having updated at least your authd (the world serv also needs being changed, but it's not the hard part). gl at hexing
  9. and source code of hlapex is not shared, it means no one can upgrade it whereas l2sphx is shared with source code :P
  10. you can do this only via the db by cache scripts, or via mssql requests when cached is down.