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  1. At this point is little over 7 hours left till open beta starts. All downloads required are already available on our website https://www.l2unchained.net/download Account creation opened and you can start creating your characters in-game. Access to game server itself will be opened when open beta starts! If you are doubtful about the project technical side and you're the type of player that prefers 'off' extenders, remember that many recent supposedly 'off' projects were packed with bugs, not gonna mention any names here but people know ^^ Challenge us, come to beta, test
  2. Oh, back in business after so long. As the member on the production team i'll be one of the people to keep you updated. Main post or my one here can get edited later on with the crucial details about the project but for right now, what can you expect: - Proper english speaking staff - Administration made of experienced players with coding background - Real 'from players to players' approach (you might have heard that before, but don't judge till you actually see our work) - Set of changes that you never seen on any server before, without any custom items/mobs/etc.
  3. what most pissing me off, that other servers that dont have their main language english, they dont have international mainsite's, you can't even understand how to connect, im pissing on people that most of them i dont understand, i dont need it, but servers that i must translate in google to read how to connect is boring
  4. yea try to obtain a hero when you have 10 people to beat in the same class ;p
  5. to be honest nice mob is chimera, ancient mix monster
  6. i was 10+ on low/mid rate servers with many classes, i think its telling good about my game skills ;p
  7. im using pmfun and exploring datapack for informations about skills ;p
  8. yep, quite bugged pack, i dont know why i tested it very long it seems to have problems, too bad i dont know how to modificate it -trade isnt blocked -exp loosing after death -color problems and it needs something like guards for both faction for spawn guarding
  9. for me, the best rates are x15 minimum, because if someone is bot, and you'r not, in a week he will have 70+ and you 40 on lower, but on higher rates you will have 79 really fast, and him 81-82, not big difference
  10. you wont beat female dark elf!!! ^^ http://www.klastrup.dk/L2femcharSM.jpg
  11. i could say welcome, but its so old topic, why you guys are refreshing it ? ;p