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  1. do you have anti Lethal/BackStab script? can you share it if you have. tnx
  2. hahaha... if you want to DDOS your server. just post your server so DDos Attacker can fuck your server. :D
  3. how to bypass server if they use Custom Port like this 47815\13337
  4. do u know how to bypass L2Aeron Server using L2net? Cause server use custom port 47815\13337
  5. i need help how to bypass l2aeron server using L2net since server update they use custom port 47815\13337 server IP : 47815 13337
  6. 'L2Net for Lame Guard.rar' is unavailable. This file was deleted.
  7. @ mpj123 what happen to L2net official website? why can't open website now?
  8. tnx for reply, still can't login the 3rd act. in pc server still detect ur PC mac address. i try hide IP but still can't conect.
  9. hlo admin. i want to ask help how to edited L2 to allow u multi login more than 2, im playing freya server in my country but server set to play 2 client only in 1 pc. server info said they detected you PC mac address so if server detect same mac address login more than 2 client the other one client will be Disconect.
  10. any one can help me how to make Pet beast soulshot script in L2net
  11. any one have woking OOG to L2Dreams Luna 50x server? or can u help me how to config the set.ini of OOG to conect that server tnx
  12. any site has free download? canot download the file now ned acct.