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  1. Well at this point I'm as lost as you are however I would look at your JDK ver make sure its up to date assuming your running l2j latest, I mean could be a number of things going on like antivirus locking file or your JDK version not up to date or older mysql build etc... wish I could be more help to you sorry.
  2. Probably doesn't shutdown completely open up task manager see if OpenJDK platform binary is still running after crash ?
  3. So what are you running L2j H5 MySql backend ? cause it sounds to me like a DB issue, when I exit my server all my items and position are saved, even if I craft something and crash it on purpose. sounds like the data not being written to the DB
  4. All that utility does is restart the executable if it crashes, So what is it your trying to save in game ? DB position ?
  5. Here you go https://mega.nz/#!updhGAhQ!LUFlKtmHEurjkD96auPqdxWTRFEMql1pwSvp_ZIXkmA
  6. Just throwing this out there there is a little utility that I used that would restart my game server exe or whatever file you pointed it at if it crashed etc.. I can upload it if you want it
  7. Thanks all !!!!! I'm in what I found was the problem Dsetup.dll I swapped it out with a different one and bang it worked TheIwHelpRePaidia, Just so you know I did try the host IP with changing the Windows host file but apparently that wasn't it the dll file was the problem
  8. NightWolf / Frank Ok here's my port confirmation Configured the L2.ini file So far that's all I have done other than checking server properties to see that I need connect protocol version 273, And on my router using just TCP ports Yes I have tried to connect from another PC same issue
  9. Frank, Thanks that's what I thought I used l2fileedit and configured it and no joy, I'm thinking maybe wrong version it needs to be 273? with that said if your a moderator could you move my thread to the right area again sorry about posting in the wrong spot.
  10. Frank, Thanks for the heads up ports are fine, Ok then I will look through the forum I'm guessing its a system folder issue.
  11. Hello all, I don't think I have asked for help here before so here goes... I have built many servers Wow, RF, SWG etc.. I decided to try a L2j server so I built a Zoey76 server its up and running on my stand alone server 2016 however I can't connect to it from my PC (Win10) I have installed a H5 client and have tried numerous system folders, I have edited the l2.ini file still I can't connect what am I doing wrong. sense I am stuck at home due to this dam virus I have been messing with this thing for a few days I'm finally asking for help. Thanks in advance