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  1. apst

    [Exploit] PvP

    Not an exploit......for god sake!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. No ,this is from the official site of l2control ,not cracked.
  3. Newest 5.2 http://stelife.com/forum/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=153
  4. In the last weeks i've seen many overenchanted items in off na and euro servers(vesper/icarus/dynasty bows/maces etc) is this still working or something else is found. A friend of mine tried this exploit and said that it doesnt work any more in gracia final.
  5. Ta credits πανε σε αυτον τον τυπο εδω http://forums.elitegn.net/l2-hacks-bots-guides/830-working-gracia-final-bypass-game-l2walker-2-13-a.html που εφτιαξε το l2w. Οπωςδηποτε πρεπει να βαλετε και την γραμμη για το gameguard γιατι αλλιως δεν παιζει σε retail servers.
  6. Hlikrina file o server prepei na einai poli GTP gia na doulepsei ayto...xaxaxaxaxa me ti asxoliste re
  7. Increase the post count...... it works....
  8. +8Str= -8Con????? You will be oneshooted by almost all chars........
  9. I ve been trying to find some info about Andreas van Halter boss in Pagans, but cant find much. Enyone knows about spawn time, or how can i understand whenever the boss is up or not? Any help will be much appriciated. Thanks
  10. Yeap newbie guide buffed me only with windwalk at lvl8
  11. Hmmm and you are trying to tell me that you have <<leaked>> gracia files??????yeah right..... [GR] Ti mas leei re paidia o tipos tha ksexasoume kai ayta pou kseroume.....
  12. Saying L2off you mean that the server is not L2j????
  13. Ithela na ksera pios xazos tha agorasei char se prive server? Apaleyti katastasi......
  14. Most good priv servers allready blocking it like walker, thats the reason is not working....