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  1. [glow=red,2,300]LineageColiseum.es & l2Destiny.net[/glow] http://lineagecoliseum.es/ there are the server form lineagecoliseum community server Coliseum High Rates ------------------- *Rates xp:250 sp:300 adena: 10000 Enchant: 70% Blesed : 80% (no broke weapon become to +0 if failed enchant) Safe Enchant: +10 Max Enchant: +30 *Features: Datapak: l2jColiseum (private proyect) Geodata & Pathnode: Epilogue Server Client: Epilogue *Development Features -Hero in subclases -Heron infinity weapon Enchanted +25 -Private stores in golds(
  2. use bushine version from nod 32 is the better
  3. nice but nod 32 is better do not conflict with gameguard
  4. I created a item that summon NPC, but when I use item the NPC spawn until the next restart. I need the NPC would be deleted in specific time. A friend told me that use this script in core for delete NPC, but i dont know where must put and i think is incomplete: // Por Creado Ashitaka e Implementado por Eggo static class DespawnTask implements Runnable { L2Spawn spawnedNPC = null; public DespawnTask(L2Spawn spawn) { spawnedNPC = spawn; } public void run() { try {
  5. I have problem with this in mi server always do ctf if all people vote tvt do ctf if all people vote ctf do ctf i dont know where is the error. some idea?
  6. please can put only the code that add to the files? if i see the code that you add i can adapt to my datapack version
  7. mm I have problem with this in ct2 rev 1.2.10 have new tagle in characters vitality point if I put more value for - statement.setInt(52, getObjectId()); + statement.setInt(52, getVoteCount()); + statement.setInt(53, getObjectId()); I an do this because if i put + statement.setDouble(52, getVitalityPoints()); + statement.setInt(53, getVoteCount()); + statement.setInt(54, getObjectId()); value 54 is out of range max range is 53 if i delete this and delete table in data base these generate an error in gameserver what I can do to ada