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  1. all are good if u know use....i like all but more sps because its not easy to use and i know use good
  2. i will join with some friends....i dont care for custom weapons/armors if this have same stats than normal weapons/armor
  3. 1-2 week max....but when interlude servers dissapear i will leave l2 forever..i hate Gracia!
  4. magnus in dager?lol.... better reg 1 char and 1 friend or ur box,go to olympiad stadium swiming,/target oponent and kill it!!!sry for my english
  5. Server is not close...admin make wipes every week...he is stupid!!!i play this server some times....but he make like 5 wipes in this year...for this i dont play more but if u want ,server is open again!! http://l2crew.no-ip.org