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  1. I have a question. I create my character and when i go back to select him, above my name there is a message "Not Activated", and It won't let me go any further. Any ideas? [Edit:] Using 3001-rev. [EDIT2:] If i try to delete my character, it says: "you can not delete a deactivated character, activation can occur through the premium account service." [edit3:]while using system415 i get this: History: FGFxPackageOpener::OpenFile <- fontsnonexistent.gfx <- GFxUIManager::InitFontSetting <- GFxUIManager::Init <- NConsoleWnd::InitializeGFxUI <- NConsoleWnd::Initialize &l
  2. Crystalia τι Antivirus έχεις; Αν έχει firewall κατεβασε το η βαλε εξαιρεση, και βαλε exception στο windows firewall (αν το εχεις ανοιχτα). Επισης βαλε το port forward static ip και κανε την ip σου static.
  3. Hello again mxc, So when I thought I got the hang of setting servers up, here comes L2 GoD to mess things up. I have to admit that it was so tricky to set a server for this chronicle up that I had to search for a tutorial. With no luck of course as I haven't found anything yet. So here I am asking for your help. *Screenshots Below* --To The Point I got all basic things set up to launch the server and check if it is stable etc. (Compiling, Configs, DB, IPs, etc.) I launch both LS and GS with no problem (although it's the first GS of L2 that takes circa 3 mins to launch). I
  4. I hope this is clear cause i have no screenshots. So follow these instructions and it should work: 1.Go to Start, Right Click My Computer and select properties. 2.Open advanced system settings 3.On the window tha appears go to tab Advanced and select Environment Variables 4.On system variables click New. 5.Fill it like this: Variable Name: JAVA_HOME Variable Value: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_31\bin (Use Java JDK6 not 7) 6.OK to all 7.It is always good to restart after making changes on the computer 8.Try to compile again, it should be working now!
  5. Since login server and game server are on the same machine, the mask at gameservers table should be a local address ( ...
  6. Question 1: Up to HGM(access level 3) tags like TGM,GM,HGM are shown, why are Admin(access level 4) and HeadAdmin(access level 5) NOT shown? Question 2: How can i use the NO-IP service to launch the server? because it's really annoying to change the ip configs every once in a while. (tried with no-ip but my friends can't connect, so i am guessing something is wrong.) Question 2: GM commands do not work as macros. Any ideas on how to fix? I also need an explaination on these configurations: (what does this do?) # GM Level. gameserver.administration.gmlevel = x (h
  7. Well i almost have the same issue. i use <ipconfig default=""> and set launcher to ip= and i can play fine, i use <ipconfig default="no-ip here because i am bored to change it everytime my friendswant to log in"> and try the launcher as and i can't log into the game it says "cannot connect to server.".
  8. Either one, or two it doesnot really matter as soon as you specify it in your server properties:
  9. oxi... alla exw petaksei 7up... exeis glistrisei kai pesei mesa se skata ?