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  1. im thinking its maybe a java problem because i used the server many times before and everytihng was fine, maybe windows too i dont know, last time it work online was in 2011 :P
  2. but i have to source files here, the server its working right? i have to have them...?
  3. i know this may be a waste of time for you but will be great to my understand how to fix this to learn for future troubles
  4. i use the server many many times, have the instalation files in a dvd. since 2005 i guess. every now and then install and play with some friends, but since last year i have this issue and cant do it anymore :(
  5. i use l2jnet2.0 archives, usually the set up its just double click and auto install, i dont do every step manually. when the setup its complete i only configure ip`s and rates, some other optiones too refered to npc`s, thats all
  6. i dont have eclipse, and please im not dumb, dont treat me like one. maybe you are used to do this, i dont, i never open source files before. ill try to do what you say
  7. The problem is that when a character dies or when use a scrool of escape nothing happens, just dont go to town. ive tried changing java version from jdk 1.5.0_08 to same version jre to jre 1.8.0_171 (thats what i use now). Also change coords synchronize values in options config and also... nothing seem to work... Please help me!!
  8. i have a problem, i installed everything, and "think" work fine, but after logout the item dissapear.... guess its not fine at all jaja maybe someone can help :P
  9. its like the tiltle, need some way to remove the drop from the ground after a wile, i have server l2 off c4