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  1. do you have bot man?? Im trying to enter with l2walker downloaded from l2kot but I have ->Login GameServer Timeout...
  2. Hello friends, I'm looking a server low rate (~10x) with BOTs, I know L2KOT allow them but it is very alone. Thanks!
  3. Hello guys, how much is L2OFF server files?? Thank you very much
  4. Hola Esteban, mi nombre es Danny... Una pregunta, que cronica gustarias levantar?? Saludos
  5. Hello my friends, I'm looking for a booting server (l2walker preferly) since I study at mornings and work at evenings ... It would be wondering if it could be Interlude low-mid-hig dont care about rates. Thank you all!
  6. xD yea, both are very nice..
  7. the server is alocated at.... ?
  8. dont work if the other person dont accept :s
  9. lol!!! btw.. can some one share a cheat for this server? xD
  10. i saw many no-grade enchanted weapons :S in L2Elite and other servers... anyone knows how to do that? :S