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  1. Fail server;/ u can get rb drops w/o taking dmg so 1 clan kill rb and bunch of randoms wait for drop QQ /lots of restarts during a day/op dagger/geo bugs/custom tatoos/ dont play there cos its waste of time
  2. Custom tattos on board QQ 2k cast speed for sure etc;/
  3. Serk check olli;/ ppl who observe can kill fighters;/
  4. So You check MA helmet patterns drop? I dont think so ;/ still drop this shit is miracle
  5. Yeap server is very good but fix drop rate first!!:) i still farm and dont have any MA helmet part;/
  6. This drop is crazy. Collect parts for MA helmet is insane. I was farming 2 hours and 0 parts Oo. Server is good but need more fixes. Ninja edit. Core respawn time is bugged. Orfen is low lvl ( should be 80:))
  7. [PL] Mi dziala:) moze masz cos w hoscie nie tak albo reinstall IL;) btw tez pykam w battlefield;) soldier 13 lvl;)
  8. [PL] na stronie twierdza, ze auto account wiec nie wiem o co kaman:/
  9. Dont think so:) i play dagger and even w/o bluff mags are easy. Btw ench rate/safe/max is??
  10. Hmm i cant log in:( when i try to launch launcher ive got messege "Current run directory to be wrong, autoupdate system has been suspended", but this window with bake ice is working. When i click full check "cannot open hash.inf, the info format is error". Any suggestion?
  11. Hmm server 1 day after open and 6 ppl online is max;) btw geodata rly sucks....
  12. Its fighters server:/ dont even try play nuker:) with am +20 i make m.cryt with dark vortex on aw ....800 dmg...WoW awsome:) and it wasnt rezisted...normal m cryt
  13. Dont lie:) about 60 is max here...btw palla its not owner? what about tyrant? fist fury+puma+dagger with haste +dye (+5 dex) and ive got about 1900 atk speed....try me:)