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  1. the people that have the l2 off files are pretty much partners, everything is 100% retail like.
  2. Hope you will pick a select amount of people to help with the final testing :D Sticky this :D need people for live :D
  3. the sandboxie developers need to make a x64 bit patch, cause i loved sandboxie when i used to have xp
  4. The patch you linked, is working 100% for boxes? Cause last time i thought there was a link on e-pvpers that only worked with retail hellbound.
  5. You might find some luck with the 2.13 walker, but with my experiences with l2j walker just targets the mobs and doesnt attack.
  6. this was useful on Azure's Celes server, until the GM's anti "bot" started blocking it.
  7. Since there going hellbound tomorrow you will need to update this bot :S Otherwise its gonna be outdated.
  8. Is this the l2.ru leaked files? Will this work on a normal machine w/o windows server 2003?
  9. WTT Celes for other server no money. Maybe?? 7x sws, for 6x on the dex 4x
  10. Update mine, you only need 50posts to see it now.