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  1. Hey i would like to buy a self vote reward system . i have l2 off and i have no source . so i need a npc or a command i dont know that has a self vote reward system!
  2. Hey guys i tryed to set up an event i place almost everything but as you can see from the photo i have issue with the setting up a [team , team names , team colours ] this is the error and what i type https://imgur.com/ar7lk5A and this is all my commands for this kind of event https://imgur.com/e3NPXJS anybody can help me? thnx a lot guys!
  3. Find the HTML file from the npc id (for example id from this npc is 427) go to your data/html and search for 427 file then copy paste or just put your information there!
  4. Hey guys.i would like to find out how to set a reuse to a quest that allready exist and has unlimited time's to use it? For example quest with name WatchingEyes has unlimited uses. when you complete it, you can get the quest again and use it unlimited times per day. how am i going to set a cooldown to it? i want every 12 hours. here is the quest https://textuploader.com/1dmtt thnx you for your help i appreceate it!
  5. Kalispera kai pali paidia 8elw na sas rotisw to pack mou to exw sto desktop mou kai molis prospa8isa na valw to proto mou java code sto server mou.proste8ike sosta logika .(to code itane giran arena autoflagzone) alla otan paw giran arena dn flagarei o char mou.einai san na mhn dulevei.prepei na kanw compile to pack gia na parw kapio arxio apo to workspace na to perasw mesa sto pack mou pou vriskete sto desktop?h na kanw kati allo? sas parakalw voh8iste me :) efxaristw para poly!
  6. se efxaristw poly file.ontos afto itane to error.sxetika me to aCis einai h proti fora p ma8enw na kanw compile kai ta sxetika kai dn kserw pou mporw na vrw to pack tou aCis kai 8elw na einai clean .mipos exeis kapio link na mporw na to dw? enow ena link to SVN san to parakato http://subversion.assembla.com/svn/L2jFrozenInterlude/trunk/ efxaristw poly!
  7. Kalispera paidia prospa8isa na kanw compile to pack mou kai epita afou piga na kanw install tin database . mou emfanise afto edw Error Kapios na me voh8isi please?
  8. καλησπερα παιδια θα ηθελα καποιος να με βοηθισει να ανεβαζω το οριο στο LVL να μην ειναι μονο μεχρι 85 διλαδι το Max lvl cap HELP . Ευχαριστω ;)
  9. καλησπερα παιδια . θα ηθελα να απενργωπιησω απο τον Server mou το alt+b αλλα δεν ξερω τον τροπο. ο σερβερ μου ειναι High 5 L2j pack . Efxaristw
  10. hey guys i would like someone to send me a l2jfrozen pack clean because i want to add my own custom items thank you very much and i appreceate that you only come in this topic. have a great day!
  11. hello guys i would like to someone send me an l2 pride pack c6 i will appreceate it . Thank you very much