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  1. nice, thx for the fixed links.One question though on the L2jFrozen forum, do I have to download everything from there?I'm totally new to the whole "server creating" thing :s
  2. Hello guys, despite the fact that there are a lot of good guides here and in many places, many of the files are gone or deleted from the uploading sites.I was just wondering if there's some1 here who can post a detailed guide, on windows 7, with good links and the necessary files to start an Int server in 2012 :).Ty
  3. no...autoclicker works on l2 i use it on dexternet...i put to autoclick on a target ..so i can use something like /assist... my char lvls up and i go grab a drink :)
  4. try to find a code for phx...that uses the enchant scrolls in inventory to inchant weapon...... its an easy way...there are codes for any command.... i found one...to increase pvp points O-o
  5. if u can pass by gameguard...use l2 phx.
  6. no bug :) its just a lame trick...2 delevel fast it's eassier to go kill guard and spawn back o.O or flag outside city and get killed[works on l2 dexternet...over 10k online...omfg dion is full with players]
  7. it worked for me ..follow the instructions and it will work smoothly :D
  8. not working on l2 GOld.... so..not worth the effort :D
  9. kinda hard to get cursed wep..thx 4 share anyway ;)
  10. any ideeas how 2 lower hp on low rate server? it might help ...even if it's low time for frenzy...if u port fast ;) u kill em ...but how lower hp?... in arena might be a good ideea.
  11. OH btw..if u have zariche...can u get rid of karma?i mean if u kill mobs...does it get lower? from 99999999999 to 99999999998 ?=D
  12. i had most pk 817 on a old c3 server omfg..if i pked i guy[dont remmember exactly how much karma i made...but when i pk-ed it took me allmost 2 full days of killing mobs 2 get rid O.o ...or...allmost 12 downlevels...that sucked a lot.
  13. not so funny as i expected...oh well... nice post anyway..i think...o.o