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  1. I cant download this video "/ "This is the download page for: Name: BSR-2008.09.04-14.27.15.rar Size: 5MB The download link is located below."
  2. LOL i need a tutorial Too ================== or just some light for me to start
  3. Hey i can use this progam in any server, but the bot mod not work,only use potion, not kill a mob or invite party to buff other char ={
  4. if you do not find the bug of sub is also multiskill
  5. i have 31 post and i cant see and look "[Hidden post: You need 25 posts or..."
  6. Thx for the information =D but not is a good information ={
  7. But it is as simple as? Often when I do it disconect, but does not appear any message I can use the script