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  1. How are they popular? They have high search volume?
  2. Hard to get in contact with this guy, probably doesn't want to sell.
  3. One time chance, maling list with 8000~ subscribers Selling a mailing list with over 8k subscribers which are opted in(so legal to spam). Don't waste money on banners or other advertisement campagnes but try a different, more efficient method of advertising. Reach players that actualy are interested in Lineage II private servers. Maling list consist mainly of high-rate Lineage II players which are looking for Interlude and upper chronicles. I deliver the list in txt or csv so it's easy to import the e-mail addresses into your mass mailer or Mailchimp or w/e you want to use. Subscribers are collected trough various Lineage II private servers mostly highrate Interlude servers and subscribers are opted in! You can also hire me for setting up cool e-mails or assistance with making your e-mail not ending up in spam folders. Price € 40,- send me PM if interested, accepting Paypal Buyout € 1000,-
  4. Finding high quality for 150 euro, lol :D
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a max. 4 translators which can translate flawless. I'll pay 0.01 cent per word (source), drop me a PM or reply. English => Brazilian Brazilian => English English => Russian Russian => English English => Greek Greek => English Regards, Brian Edit. got enough greek translators, still looking for brazilian and russian translators.
  6. Ah come on, this ain't Outlaw's server go spend your free time somewhere else lol :D
  7. Was missing such a script on Maxcheaters so wrote the script. Simple PHP script for checking if service is running behind a port. <?php $server = ""; $port = "2106"; $port2 = "7777"; $timeout = "1"; if ($server and $port and $timeout) { $auth= @fsockopen("$server", $port, $errno, $errstr, $timeout); $game= @fsockopen("$server", $port2, $errno, $errstr, $timeout); } if($auth) { echo "<font color=\"#ddd\">Auth is <font color=\"#1AFF00\">Online</font> - "; } else { echo "<font color=\"#ddd\"> Auth is <font color=\"#FF0000\">Offline</font> - "; } if($game) { echo "L2Server is <font color=\"#1AFF00\">Online</font></font>"; } else { echo "L2Server is <font color=\"#FF0000\">Offline</font></font>"; } ?>
  8. Was wondering if there is any guide / share to make ERA's ( swapping farm zones ) It is in the extender of vangard but i cannot find the way to swap monsters. For example if they ERA changes Ketra custom zone gotta become ketra with normal mobs again
  10. Is there anyone who can re-upload the GM Shop which was shared on Maxcheaters, thanks in advance!