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  1. [====b0ns4i v3.0 (31.10.2006) ====] [==== ChrischMC ====] [==Notices==] VAC2 Proof! [==Includes==] XQZ Wallhack ASUS Wallhack Whitewalls Fullbright Lambert -TeamLambert -White -Red -Green Noflash NoSmoke PlayerESP BoxESP WeaponESP DistanceESP EntityESP Gait/SequenceESP (=NEW=)Visible ESP + Visible Lambert (=NEW=)Speedhack Aimbot with - Visual Fov (=NEW=)- AV Draw (=NEW=)ini-control - includes adjustable menu-key (=NEW=)Auto-offsets [==How To==] 1)Start "b0ns4i.exe" 2)Start CS1.6 and HF! [==Keys==] Defa