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  1. WTS Destro 66+BW+strider+BO+rsk.haste + mail. (more shit in warehouse) I accept MM and i dont have problem to pay the 50% of the service. The account has a low lvl spoiler on it (full briga + top D spear + compo/C jewels when he gets 40). The price is U$S60. I can accept PayPal (only FnF) or cripto. Discord: Guide#7714
  2. Sold him adena several times, he is the best in all aspects: trustfull and its procedures are always fast.
  3. i got scammed by @MidnightInTokyo too. i know is already banned, but just to let ppl know about it. i used to supply him with l2 Reborn adena, but one day he never ever show up and owes me 70usd of my last adena deliver.