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  1. Update : after one month, he finally refund the total amount. He is not a scammer but i dont recommend this guy for your transaction.
  2. Ive been waiting since 12/19/2020... He is probably not a scammer but if you cant afford the service dont accept money then
  3. Update: he finally refund me 30€. He said he gonna refund me the rest (20€) later. I dont recommend transaction with him, coz you will wait a lot!
  4. His profile: Gladdie I was suppose to have a powerlvl service but he cannot afford that service and he said that i'll be fully refund. Its been almost 1 month ago and im still waiting for my refund but still nothing.... I was really patient with him but its over now!
  5. Selling chars on Club: Grand Khatavari 76 Phantom Summoner 61 Prophet 60 Bladedancer 59 PM for more info
  6. Ive got a GK lvl 76 and some adenas to trade for Reborn server. Pm me 🙂
  7. hello, i cant pm you. Im interested about this trade. Pm me back plz