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  1. Hello, i need that files from this pack, not Epilogue, but deleted. Anybody have it?
  2. If you can, send all your binary. I try to watch what is this. Ty. Bacause i dont khow, change l2server dll name and import dll in other binary its all what i do.
  3. It looks like the server is not sending a packet to the login that I have logged out. The client closes, but the login server shows that I am still online. How are you with logging out and logging in to one account, is everything okay?
  4. what authd are you using?I download but it did not help.
  5. I used eressea extender and hint auth. Clean system 273p.
  6. void CAuthD::SaveUserDataAndLogout(int nAccountID,int nUnk1,int nUnk2) { typedef void (CAuthD::*t)(int,int,int); SET_INSTANCE_METHOD_ADDR(t, 0x45C00CL); CALL_INSTANCE_METHOD(nAccountID,nUnk1,nUnk2); } void CAuthD::RequestLogout(int nAccountID,int nUnk1,int nUnk2) { typedef void (CAuthD::*t)(int,int,int); SET_INSTANCE_METHOD_ADDR(t, 0x45BE50L); CALL_INSTANCE_METHOD(nAccountID,nUnk1,nUnk2); } bool CAuthD::OnRequestLogin(wchar_t * sAccountName,int nAccountID,int nGameSessionID,int nAccountID2,int nAuthSessionID,CUserSocket *pSocket) { TLS_TRACE_FUNCTION; if(nGameSessionID == 0 || nAuthSessionID == 0 || nAccountID != nAccountID2) { CLog::Add(CLog::red,L"Wrong account session! account_id(%d) GameSessionID[%d] AccountID2[%d] AuthSessionID[%d]",nAccountID,nGameSessionID,nAccountID2,nAuthSessionID); pSocket->ForceClose(6); return false; } g_AuthSessionLock->WriteLock(__WFILE__,__LINE__); bool bSessionError = false; IntIntMap::iterator iter = g_AuthAccountSessionMap->find(nAccountID); if(iter != g_AuthAccountSessionMap->end()) { if (nGameSessionID != iter->second) { bSessionError = true; CLog::Add(CLog::red,L"Wrong account session! account_id(%d) session[%d] != [%d]",nAccountID,nGameSessionID,iter->second); } } else { bSessionError = true; CLog::Add(CLog::red,L"Account session not found! account_id(%d) session[%d]",nAccountID,nGameSessionID); } g_AuthSessionLock->WriteUnlock(); if(bSessionError) { pSocket->ForceClose(6); return false; } CPremiumService::I()->RequestPremiumState(pSocket->GetSocketUID(), nAccountID); typedef bool (CAuthD::*t)(wchar_t *,int,int,int,int,CUserSocket *); SET_INSTANCE_METHOD_ADDR(t, 0x45B648L); return CALL_INSTANCE_METHOD(sAccountName,nAccountID,nGameSessionID,nAccountID2,nAuthSessionID,pSocket); } hfdll.dll have this
  7. I used run.bat ai.nasc from cmd console. I try to make it by using l2npc.exe -c -e ai.nasc and have same result. Did you get it to compile? What version of Windows server do you have? I am using windows 2016 but the compiler for Gracia worked fine. UPD: The problem is solved, need to compile with standard scripts. The problem with re-login to the account remains.
  8. Hello! Decompieler work fine, but compiler dont start l2npc.exe i think. I put ai.nasc on folder and start it from cmd "run.bat ai.nasc", i see l2npc.exe in process, but dont have output in console, ai.obj not created and dont have log folder in l2npc dir. And does anyone have a bug with re-authorization on an account without restarting the server?
  9. Hello Bumble! I want to thank you for your excellent work. I have a question, if you are still doing homage could you add an edit to questname.dat? Thank you again for your hard work and I wish you the best of luck!
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