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  1. Characters from Essence Blue for sell: Shillien Templar 77lvl (47%) earth dragon pendat+5, talisman of aden+5, talisman of speed+1, zircon lv2, onyx lv2, moonstone lv2, 264 sayha’s storm lv.3, 360 sayha’s cookie, 42 sayha’s blessing, event valakas necklace Death Knight 80lvl (81%) leather armor of lighting sealed, dragon belt+3, Damascus sword+7 sealed, earth dragon pendat+4, talisman of aden+5, talisman of authority+2, talisman of eva+1, event valakas necklace, onyx lv2, moonstone lv2 682 sayha’s storm lv.3,, 281 Sayha’s Cookie Moonlight Sentinel 77lvl (12%) talisman of aden+4, dragon belt, 707 Sayha’s Storm lv.3, event valakas necklace Hell Knight 78lvl (94%) Cloak of Protection+5, Dragon Belt+4, event valakas necklace, talisman of aden+5, 600 Sayha’s Cookie, 489 Sayha’s Storm lv.3, Bow of peril sealed+4 Soul Hund 77lvl (20%) with nothing special
  2. Hello every1. I have for sell my private things from few servers. Essence Blue: Adena 10kk - 1,6e (have 1,32kkk) Death Knight almost 81lvl (without gear) Raid Fight x3: Adena 10kk - 1e (for now have around 550kk) Sagittarius almost 78 (less then 1% need to lvl up) without gear - nobles PP 77 (with POF, karmian,Mysterious Sword+acu) Valhalla-Age L2R:NEW: Noblesse Moonlight Sentinel 80lvl with subclass: Paladin 72lvl, Tyrant 61lvl, Bishop 62lvlOn character is Tallum Heavy Set and DC Robe Set, Draconic Bow.Full Fake Epic: Zaken (B-grade), Ant Queen (B-grade), Orfen (B-grade), Baium (A-grade), Frintezza (A-grade), Antharas (S-grade)Leather Belt Auto-lootLegendary Cloak +3Around 13kk AAGreat Wolf 59lvlNad some rune drop/adena/spoil+ on Account CP (cabinet) is around 38 Units Pm me here on forum or catch me on discord: Raksel#4393 ALL THINGS COME FROM LEGAL SOURCE AND HAVE BEEN ACQUIRED BY ME WITHOUT BOTS !
  3. Hello. I want to raport GiftedByNature nick from discord Gifted#1937 and misscarnage#1937. Here is all proof for scam: https://ibb.co/DkWhtSW
  4. Like in topic. WTB draconic leather armor (main only) on RaidFight x3. PM here or discord grahioa#4393