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  1. Lineage 2 is a great game, my opinion is that the community (myself included) is tired of seeing so much lack of content on an interlude server, we are in 2020 and we play a prehistoric game so to speak, I agreed with the bots and in the lack of empathy of the gm towards their community, people leave these home servers because once they reach grade S, they are hero or they have a decent team, they will only reconnect to kill epic raids and then you will not happen again the same with the stronger clans, this is due to the lack of content that is given to the players, lneage was unstructuring as the years passed with the new chronicles the changes they made were good and others were a serious mistake what which led many to stop playing L2, the community needs to remember that old nostalgia but giving touches of the current content until the last chronicle, they need to have things to do within a game otherwise they will only enter for pvp, raid b oss epic or they will finally leave the server.