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  1. UP! Feel free to pm if you want to negotiate. I don't hesitate to say no. 😄
  2. Bump, maybe with some free gifts or/and extra cols for the next 30 hours 🙄
  3. Interesting, lets check the features... Hhahahahahahahahajajajajajjajajxaxaxaxaa
  4. You are right. The reason I didnt include the price was because it depends on the amount and the currency the buyer uses. Will edit my first post soon to include indicative prices in €. Thanks.
  5. As title says, WTS cols at new la2dream. Verified middleman services accepted. 1 col -> 0.4€ (yes, this is expensive and its only use is to make you buy one of the following packages) 15 cols -> 5€ (0.33€ each) 50 cols -> 15€ (0.30€ each) 100 cols -> 27€ (0.27€ each) 200 cols -> 44€ (0.22€ each) Extra cols will be charged at the same price of your category. For example, the price for 60 cols will be 60*0.3. The price for 151 cols will be 151*0.27 Most currencies and payment methods accept