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  1. Heyyy.. Im not that brainy as you are :D Just please tell me how to do that ? Where to find that file and what software to use to be able to edit that file ? And can i do that if im just playing on server im not developer of that server ? Or it can be done just by server admin ?
  2. Hello everyone. Have question. Is it possible to turn of Auto-attack after Skill?? On some servers i play dagger and after skill landed it does not start auto attack. So its easy to make combo of dagger skills. But some servers after skill it attack auto so no chance for combo. Maybe someone will help me and explain how does it works ? Auto-attack after Skill: true i believe its somewhere in system files so need just make Auto-attack after Skill: false. Anyone ? HELP :) INTERLUDE
  3. if you can login with phx in server an can send hellow from scripts than phx works in server perfectly
  4. you have to download not safe system ant copy int file in them