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  1. is high five the ideea is i cannot see those files with l2 file edit that why i want them so badly..
  2. hy there if some1 can help me to decript this on text document it will be really helphere are the files armor.grp itemname and weapon.grp
  3. Hello guys , i found yesterday this template in my pc and i decided to share for people who want to build they're website . Hope will be useful!!bzYkyYDL!NVXjIapcl-DiWQXnsckpmlqZRU_bqHqhy5zWISRdUdA
  4. After play Lineage2 since the beginning i decided to start L2Hindemith servers project with the sole idea to offer to all players of Lineage2 profesional(vps host +ddos protection) servers for long term of course . - Opening on 20 January L2Pride server gracia final ( all modes and features from old pride are working + some improvement ) - Opening on 5 February L2Dinasty Hi5 Experience (EXP) : 500x Drop Items : 3x Skill Point (SP) : 500x Spoil : 5x Adena:300x Customs : -Max level 95 - Custom and Unique class balance - Custom skills from lvl 85 to 95 - On 1st march L2Hindemith interlude Experience (EXP) : 100x Drop Items : 3x Skill Point (SP) : 100x Classic Interlude pvp server No custom items beside dynasty . site updated