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  1. Hi everyone I know that in this forum, we talk about things like selling, scammers, good merchants and everything a bit. But the Latino community always seeks to understand or learn from the most creative of the interface, sent hundreds of msn to their trays. I know you all have your own lives, exhausted times, family, friends and other things that are more important than reviewing trays full of messages about what it is to edit interfaces! With a couple of months I have learned to edit some things, but I would like to learn more for myself not to generate a massive sale or anything about it just curious to learn. If you have a little time, and I can answer some questions I thank you! Have a merry Christmas and a good start of the year 2020. What program do you need to edit Interface.u? How to add new configuration in the interface.u? How to change the color of a skill of the magician character, etc? How to change a color of the group, cardinal heal? I look forward to your help. My English is ugly, I'm sorry
  2. ese FOI es facil de crear, no tiene mucha ciencia para el que aprende buscando información en todo momento, como una vez me dijo @Iordanov "El internet es tu mejor amigo" para aprender, pero hay cosas que me quedan grande porque necesitas saber de programas mas detallados para crear cosas como en interface.u y otras cosas que para mi son interesantes that FOI is easy to create, it doesn't have much science for the one who learns looking for information at all times, as @Iordanov once said to me "The internet is your best friend" to learn, but there are things that are great for me because you need to know about more detailed programs to create things like interface.u and other things that are interesting to me
  3. Hi, Someone who can guide me to change the necromancer skill for death spike, for this Life Scavenge skill I know that its ID is id: 46 within the skillgrp, but I only found the logo but not the skill anyone knows or has the correct name?
  4. ¿Recomiendas usar esta interfaz completamente limpia? Ejemplo, If you have another one and ride it, would it generate problems?¿podría generar un problema? retraso, errores, otras cosas? muchas gracias por compartir tus creaciones
  5. How do you get to modify this FallenAngelsQQ .xdat file, if I'm not mistaken, it's the interface.xdat file, what program do I use? Thank you for sharing your work.