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  1. decided to come back , on the old server and its really funny :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eldJGhngJhE&feature=youtu.be
  2. ofc it has ppl , with auto farm u just log more accounts and u put them auto farming for u whole day , izi .. that was the worst thing the server would add in just to make ppl think there is 2k players in
  3. dead server , managed to make qa with 1 random party of my clan .. l2mid is not the same as it was , sorry skylord .
  4. that was the problem , i was trying to register but i never got the validation email so once i tried to register again i was having that problem , but now is solved ..
  5. i cant log in forum .. its saying all the time sorry you dont have the permissions lulw
  6. worst admin i'd ever seen .. l2neo or l2blaze arent that bad as this guy lmfao
  7. he can still open with the newest updates and removing the instances :D this isnt so hard lol .. just remove NPC's and that all , but maybe the elemental instances can be like lilith/anakim :D everyone can enter inside and fight for it ..
  8. so u'll just keep creating such same servers over and over and merging them? is that even worth it? or u make it for euros again?
  9. like the interlude server he opened some months ago :D 900 online counter in website but real online was around 100 (not counting boxes) everytime he restarted the server (several times per day) at the first moment server was back online , oh shit 600 online at the first second? :D:D:D how is that even possible .. aswell everyone that just logs ingame in the count in website was +2 .. his servers are a joke just saying , not even try it guys !