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  1. 1) Big clans always leave server after lost epic/siege. Tales never worked with clans and did not pay them money like other servers do. 2) Tales has big name and a lot of fans waiting for this project only, online can not be 100 people even in theory, these are not facts, this is only your prediction. 3) all depends on the players, if the server is interesting and without paid clans, it will exist for a very long time, about 1 week - this is only your prediction. 4) this is excluded, all the facts that can provide are related to old admin mouse, who did this more than 5 years ag
  2. Stop spam your 1 week server adv in this topic, look what this animal doing:
  3. - l2mid has 0 adv - l2mid no beta - l2mid no forum - l2mid players has proofs of hidden sale epics - l2mid 0 proofs of admin words - l2mid admin is trying to promote his server on servers who have money for an advertising campaign Even on youtube he spam :D Best adv EU, pm skylord! This is an inadequate person, there is no education, imagine what anarchy is happening on his server, although his server will last 1 week, it calms me down, his bad things will not help him to get online, players are not so stupid. I no longer wish to p
  4. SkyLord "Nice advertise on my pages :)"