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  1. Script: Egg Delivery (tateossian recipes - S Grade Jewels) and on dragon 15x don't work or i do something wrong :(
  2. When you have line: Link GameServer Succeed. you have some time to login in Bake-Ice client anch choose serwer in Bake-Ice client
  3. R.I.P. :( I <3 METALLICA :(
  4. ia have the same problem now ind i try find solution and i have that: 00:34:23 - Established connection - Remote IP '' Remote Port '2106' 00:34:23 - New SOCKS connection for 00:34:24 - Proxy LS connection->Handle 00:34:24 - Removed a SOCKS:LS connection 00:34:24 - Local listen thread exit 00:34:24 - Remote listen thread exit help ;(
  5. ehhh... i must start learn to use linux :/
  6. i had the same problem and when i instaled .net frame... evrythink work fine thx for help
  7. it's work and i have nice ban... i love dinamic IP :D