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  1. WTS Giran NA. Bishop 52lv. Female, 2x pack rune 7day 50% , 83 Super XP scrolls. 46 regular xp scrolls 20min. Moon set,chronicle pack. 30 € ____________________________________________________ Also WTS SE 49 LV. 2x pack 7 days rune 50%,chronicle pack 20 €
  2. Hello. I sell my Elven Elder 75lv. 55% on Giran NA server 54k VIP 4 points.. All skills learned. Character have rare Agathion sun Joy ( free teleports). Bracelet lvl.3 , Many XP boosts.( 9 irene 1hour 50% xp boosts, 9 rice cakes, mid scrolls,high scrolls. 280 special Fruits, 35 gold fruit Rune 50% for 20 days. 85 water / Victory fish stews . character have many cosmetics accesory. I can sell it naked or geared. Only with middleman. My skype Hypnoticlady15328 / Discord Islarah#0993
  3. open the server pls after ncsoft fail you lure many players