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  1. Simple i need l2encrypt for my utx files is not posible for me download the 4shared, please any help me, i need for mod my client Thanks P.D:excuse me my bad english
  2. ok Thanks for all akar0 i understand all, i thinking the system of fakeplayer is not i find, i like for look my server run good whit 3500 players ... lag for launch the client but not lag in play, but i look in grafics the simulation player charge the procesors of my machine the ram a litle and nothing the network... i not need this simulation for my brain. thanks for share akar0
  3. the first thing excusme for my bad english, is posible any said me why are two player conect, i have only one conect ;! ?i dont understand this: //admin server shutdown or restart and i look in the window players conects: 2 :? GM = 2 players? Thanks for idea .... and in the bd i have ony one char...