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  1. Why? Dude i bought key for 15e dont have 35 sorry :( and what will help? btw... im dont need to play on scryde i would like to play on h5 max x50 rates and bot well its my first time with Adrenaline (the legal one) and i want to take some fun without playing 15h a day, becuse my kid just born and dot have much time :D
  2. Helo.Im new and im newbie or noob dont realy know.I just bought adrenaline, updated well 2.35.and my question is, there should be some specyfic location/name on game and/or bot location od disck?i got craced windows 10. i turn on adrenaline then game and program cant find game windows, just nathing happend, can somone help me?i tried on 5 server i think i did sthing worng.Thx for ur time and for help.and just last think, give me server h5 which one 100% wokrs dont care abut online, just want to sest how to setup bot well, TY