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  1. to be honest i havent tried the zerg thing yet, anyway i think its a brilliand ideea that folks from LovelyAden implemented it and if they manage it to work game at epics will be 100x more playable by having an fair pvp chance to stand for. server looks amazing, hopefully situation will fix and we will forget about these posts outhere :) all the best mate
  2. Well man i hope you are right and they didint worked in weekends and during the week they will get rid of those. dont get me wrong mate, i play on this server , i have donate and i really like it . but you can have a nice gameplay when you are surrounded by 20 bots in each spot u go , its just not funny knowing u farm 10h a day and those ppl enter 5 min a day to gather the farm from the bot ...
  3. quite useless man ... i told them everywhere, facebook, on ttheir forum, on server shouting ... i do reports for bots but no1 gives a fuck . the bots i reported yesterday today are free farming ( again botting ) ... i dont know but i think Anne doesnt cares anymore but pretty bad cause server is awesome but going that way in max 1 week will be empty !
  4. unfortunately is true ... the server is awesome but its impossible to play because of the bots and GMs dont do no action against them ... anne no offence but this beautiful server you have soon will fall if you dont stap taking measures!!!