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  1. Sell Adena L-Coin 800 boxes Dragon Essence Top Armor A (Majestic, Nightmare also Dark Crystal) Top B Weapon (Soes, Damascus, peril) Top A Jewels (Maje) Hats +/+stat Send me a msg and we can deal :)
  2. account panel for website? account panel for l2?
  3. you are wasting your time mate
  4. buy some adrenaline key and gg man
  5. Hello, I want to sell items from the official servers and for which I casually play, the problem is that many buyers ask me for feedback from maxcheater to verify that I am not a scamer but I cannot post in the marketplace section here in maxcheater and even less have feedback , I already contacted for support and still do not receive help, I await your response
  6. http://lineage2rivendel.com im sure u want to play this server :D
  7. GRAND OPENING 19hrs GMT-4 | 04 ENERO 2019 DESCARGA: http://lineage2rivendel.com/connect.php REGISTER:http://lineage2rivendel.com/register.php WEBSITE: http://lineage2rivendel.com/ FORUM: http://forum.lineage2rivendel.com/ GENERAL RATES Exp: x15 Sp: x10 Drop: x2 Spoil: x2 Raid Boss: x2 Safe Enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +16 Scroll Chance: 60% Auto Loot: Activado MORE INFO FORUM: http://forum.lineage2rivendel.com/