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  1. Can't say that, we 're almost paid our expenses :)
  2. are you gathering posts or? :)
  3. Server is Now Live and Stable We had some issues which are now fixed. Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for Players support. You can Download our Patch files and Join the L2 Centos Battles L2 Centos Download Page
  4. L2 Centos Successfully Opened! Thanks Everyone who Joined in L2 Centos, We expecting More Players by tomorrow. Download our System Files OR our Updater.
  5. Server is Now LIVE! You can Download our Updater here: Updater OR Patch files here: Server Patch Facebook Website
  6. If you use the Updater, some files which already existed in your folders, will not be downloaded. Thank you for wish good luck :)
  7. Well, yes our system is a bit big, thats why we provide an Updater as well.
  8. 6 hours left for Grand Opening You can Download our Updater here: Updater OR Patch files here: Server Patch Facebook Website
  9. Less than 24hours left for Grand Opening. Everything is ready for LIVE server & we are Waiting for You! Grand Opening 29/09/18 at 21:00 GMT +3 Patch system will be Ready for Download in 2 hours here: L2 Centos Forum Facebook
  10. All equipment items up to vesper are free when you start in server, and in the lowest farm area you collecting Mouse Coins which needed for top armors,weapons and epic jewels. the farm is about 30mins or maybe less to gather all you need to buy TOP Equipment.
  11. L2 Centos is Coming back with a new High Five x1000 project Grand Opening 29/09/2018 at 21:00 GMT +3 Server Rates - EXP / SP: x1000 - Drop: x100 -Adena: x100 Enchant Rates - Max Enchant: +22 - Safe Enchant: +18 - Olympiad Max Enchant: +6 - Attribute: Free up to Level 7 Server Features - 3 Subclass Max without Quest up to 85 Level - Auto Learn skills - 30 Buffs and 16 Dances/Songs for 2 hours - Auto events every 1 hour - Raid Boss Event every 4 hours - PvP zones 24
  12. Well you have nothing to focus on high rate servers, except pvp and olympiad i guess, so admins trying to "give" more things to players, like dressme customs, suits and etc. it is not nesseccary to have custom weapons and etc, but dressme features are funny and nice on high rate servers
  13. most of the high rate servers hi5 seems they have huge systems, more than 800 and 900 Mbs. those servers using a lot of custom accessories
  14. Hello cheaters, I would like to ask, how can you add the weapon glow effects as a buying option for players. I saw in few servers, you can buy or try even a glow effect on a weapon, and i am wondering how can you add this glow as a buying option like dressme, for players?
  15. I still enjoy playing Lineage,I am playing since i was at young age. I still remember the FoG PvP's, but in this forum i hate VIP's.