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  1. its shame that you are a GM,moderator,owner of a server,idont know what you are but when you create a low rate server and you dont see a single player selling D SHOTS because you guys are giving them for free,you surely are failures.
  2. Good luck,looks awesome
  3. Word,that all we can see. The point is if its not all retail doesnt attracts me at all.
  4. Agreed thats not classic,not worth starting
  5. Not really satisfied by it,im still not jumping l2 if something good doesnt show up.
  6. Are you stupid or something you guys think can steal our childhood?Take a taste of whats E Global https://youtu.be/9HfuwAdML_Y
  7. Thats the original official from NCSoft?
  8. What about that give me some more info.
  9. L2 shrine looked nice but that unlimited boxing i didnt like it(not a real problem though) and the gracia i would perfer it on c3 c4
  10. Guys im from greece,i dont know about those russians but we in our country when we wanted play fights we just jumped on some x1000+ but when we played low rate we never demanded to make something easier when its main concept is to be something hard,im real cancered of all that projects i dont care about activitys im just nervous of these guys wanna make money over l2
  11. Hey guys, i want to make a discussion about the low rate servers.Who is sick of seeing low rates severs with no retail policys,who thinks that if they make a original retail server with all the modes like they were years ago,would they be crouded?or they will just die cause of inactivity? I think we should blame our selves for this bacteria is the creators of private servers who are in mistake or we the players who perfer a easier low rate server instead of super hardcore low rate server? I think we are the one who are in mistake.
  12. Re psile tin omada thn kserw apo bnb,ti fash to l2eu aksizei h tha fame karkino?