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  1. Hello guys, long time went since I used to play l2 regulary and develop own projects, more when 6 years, everything changed I can see. Lot of servers with fake on, some old ones who holding good online (Russians), like l2mad, ketrawars... This topic about, what do you think all servers is missing today. Too much customs, too much of everything... I have an idea, what do you think? If I would go with l2-scripts guys <<Platinum tariff>> what costs from 1900$, how much money would be needed for good advertising before start? How much later on monthly? Does it good idea, make a money prize pools, pay for clans, etc? I have a budget 3-5k euro, I want to make good research, and if its worth, I would launch my own project. Ofcourse I want to get my money back in first months, but is not everything only about the profit. If you think you can be usefull, PM me with description about you, and what you offer. Kids and randoms avoid the topic, scammers as well. Lets create good server, if its still possible...