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  1. http://2old2play.eu/index.html XP: x7SP: x8 Drop: x6 Adena: x4Seal Stones Qty: x4Spoil: x5Quests: x1Vital Quests: x6Raid boss drop: x2Grand Raid boss drop: x1Party EXP/SP 125%Enchant safe: +3Max enchant: +15Enchant chance: retail-likeSongs/Dances time: 5minNo GM ShopNo NPC BufferNo Mana PotsNo HerbsNo Weapon AugumentationNo Shadow WeaponsZariche Sword Disabled till later game stage.Olympiad Disabled till later game stage.No Death Penalty SkillOn death from NPC chance to drop random item.Fixed Polearm related skills.Profession quests can be purchased.Offline shopsWorking in-ga
  2. 1st. I would like to buy simple adrenaline scripts for my buffer. I want my clan members be able to pm buffer, and in respond he will give buff. For example someone pm "elemental" and buffer cast elemental resist on him. 2nd. I also would like to buy script that will log back my char after disconect and continue farm etc.
  3. Hi I'd like to know what is the best way to check skill id (its custom buff on interlude private server) I know there are lists of buff IDs but this one is custom.
  4. Ok nvm I got it. If I will need anything else I'll post here.
  5. Like title says. It will be few simple scripts. People who are experienced in scripts pm me. I'll send you more details. First I'll need script for /evaluate. It should log game account from login screen log in character /target character /evaluate restart log character again... it should be 5x evaluate per character then log next character on the same account and do it again. Do this with all characters an account then go back to login screen and log another account and do the same stuff. then next account and next and... To be honest I was able to write most of it but
  6. yup and this one will be much better.
  7. Corruption is corruption. Big difference... Russia or Ukraine, both are post comunistic countries with similar mentality. And it's not like I'm against Russians. I love russians and I agree with their politics, for example about Syria. I have ukrainian and belarusian friends. They are great people. So dont be mad but corruption is never good.
  8. It's called corruption. But such degraded nation as Russians thinks it's normal and fair.
  9. the only private server worth playing
  10. They failed at start, they failed with java crap geodata (why they call it flawless geodata?) they failed with bugs, they failed with staff members, they failed with active and hellpfull GM's, they failed with website and forum. And they failed cuz they were using voting scripts http://forums.hopzone.net/showthread.php?48461-Missing-8k-votes&highlight=l2cleaver this is proof of what I said before, its cheating and fake image, same situation with "players olnine" count.
  11. Little refresh: As I said before "You are abolutely right, but this attitude, total ignorance, lack of consciousness that every player is real human being. They didnt act as mature people, they didnt spend even 10 seconds to explain whats the problem. The censure like in old communistic Poland, you cant say the truth cause you'll be punished. I got ban for saying loud about bugs on server, saw other people post were deleted too. Its all fake image to get some donations. Vote system is not working and they pretending people are voting with fake announcements. Theres only 500 people play
  12. First of all I saw max 2,5k online. Other thing is all of my friends had 24/7 at least 4 boxes in giran for sell/buy things. Thats not all, cause most of people farming clan points or exping their bots (summoners, buffers, others chars etc) open even 9 boxes. Imagine how fake image someone put into your head. 3k good joke. Go to siege and put here some screenshots. /edit: Ok server reached 2,9k online but I found the movie from aden siege 3 pts zerging the server Do it looks for you like server with 3000 people online at the time, while theres only 100 people participating in siege?