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  1. WTS Tallum Plate Armor unsealed full. offer me
  2. WTS tallum heavy, tallum glaive, BW heavy, titan lvl 78, sword muse 77, blade dancer 76, 200kk adena, warlord lvl 69 L2 raidfight
  3. tallum heavy set 70e tallum glaive 50e destro lvl 70 70e wl lvl 70 70e bw set heavy 40e bd lvl 68 68e sws 62 62e wc 65 65e
  4. Wts powerlvl from 33 to 55 From 33 to 40 = 5kk or 5 col From 41 to 50 = 1kk or 1 col per lvl From 51 to 55 = 2kk or 2 col per lvl I am warlord full buff
  5. Wts key adrenalime from day 22 april to 22 may unlimited cliemt type A 15euros
  6. Wts bd lvl 65, sws lvl 62, warlord lvl 52, warlord lvl 69, bw heavy set full, tallum heavy set full, tallum glaive +4
  7. could you tell me plsease, what bot work on c1?
  8. i wanna buy bot for http://www.c4classic.ru/, i try it but i cant find nothing. if someone could tell me what bot and how configure it for this server thanks. if is walker, which version and how configure or if you could configure it for me.
  9. could someone help me please? i am looking for bot work fine on e-global
  10. Please, someone could show me where can i find the best bot for c4? i dont know if it`s free or private. thanks
  11. where can i find a bot to c1 server?? like l2 firebird and other question, where can i find official bot to work fine in c4?? thnks at all!!!!!