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  1. As title says, wtb aw 78+ with bw set +6 , demon dagger. If there are other alts in account for epics even better. thanks
  2. Interested on the AW 77 , does it come with any items on it? Is it male or female? Please reply to my inbox on how I can pay via PayPal .
  3. DA 55 80% (bw set , dama othell 6, B grade jewels) Active Subscription 90 Euro With equip 45 Euro Naked I bought this one from @Mastro he can confirm for it.
  4. Just bought 10m from this man here, respect, saved me a lot of hustle buying some starter gear, can farm at peace the weekend :)
  5. Whoever feels qualified and believes he or she can offer their knowledge and services to produce something significant, kindly pm me with more information of your expectations and contribution. If you're looking for a quick buck then it won't work. I feel i need to emphasize this. Need someone that can get things done.
  6. Hello, We are looking to invest in a Pride like server. Currently looking for; Files and/or solid pack ( H5 or higher, even if it's ertheia without any of the God Features other than mobs and raids, instances, drop items and skills are not required) Developer that will work on the project from day 1 till end and has good communication skills. Developer will have to create basically every function of the server, if you're not up to it then simply don't apply. Server is Pride like so expect PvP/PvE like in the original pride with some changes here and there to make gameplay more fu