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  1. i post there too.. but no answer.. and if you cant help then dont spam.
  2. Γεια σας παιδιά έκανα compile L2j Frozen SvN.. αλλά μου βγάζει σφάλμα στη κονσόλα...
  3. hello guys yesterday i compile L2j Frozen SvN.. but i got a error at 3d Quests.. anyone how to fix ?
  4. This site is a tool that will help you grow your Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube and Websites. This site is mine and is still in beta version.. if you like register and join us. http://like4like.tk
  5. i can help you if you want.. bat i have personal life too ;P in intresting pm me
  6. apoti katalava einai enas private server apla t palikari psaxni Beta TEsters gia na ftiaksoun t server tous.. good luck trele
  7. some items i am playing too.. but i want a good Sumo server anyone know??
  8. i have to my server that kinde of morphe but its java side code and its with commands like .transform .untransform + have configs what mob you want to transform player and with that cost.. if need i can give you gor [iL]
  9. wrong section :S k ama dis eki sta cofings exi etoima gia paixnidia vres gia to l2
  10. paizi na min perni ta simvola ® gia dokimase mono Remus. episis gia na sto pari k swsto prepei na t kanis ola t import
  11. and every year you grow up.. 2008 was child now old ppl.. so at 2012 what you will put in pic? skeletons?