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  1. Second problem is solved!I just needed to make it : 13046 4757 atk02 a,s_power_shot_boss_a_1b_1\0 a,Divine_Rogue\0 a,LineageMonster.skeleton_archer\0 Waiting for first problem solution! Thanks!
  2. I dont have enough time now for it.Maybe i will make a video tomorrow. I mean when i use a skill like silence or stun there should be an animation on mob that shows the success of those skills but there is no such thing.It happens only in those custom mobs. The other thing is when my custom mob uses bow skills, for example powershot( MobSkillAnimgrp): 13046 4757 spatk04 a,s_power_shot_boss_a_1b_1\0 a,Divine_Rogue\0 a,LineageMonster.skeleton_archer\0 there is no arrow going to attacking character.The skill is casted as it should be but there is no animation of arrow going to the attacking character. Thanks for immediate answer!!
  3. I made some new npcs recently and they work fine but i have some problems.When i use a skill like stun on them, they have no stun animation above their head.Also archer skill animations are not fully casted.I just see the animation of the skill at start and after no arrow is knocked!Any solution?
  4. I managed to solve this problem by changing version of UE and all animations work correctly now.(i changed to version 3) Now i have new problem.I followed guide of GLO: and i managed to follow all his steps.I applied his script but now npcs dont attack at all.They have no animation on hiting. I think problem is script cause without it they are fine but without sounds.I use l2acis interlude. Any solution what should i do next?Im stucked!
  5. Recently i started again a project and i tried for the first time client developing.After many hours on pc and after infinite tries to edit some npcs i came to a conclusion that i need to pay for gildors tool if i want to see the animations in l2 client cause i have those types of errors: SkeletalMesh DivineBeast_WariinG.Divine_beast_m00: Serial size mismatch: Got 556344, Expected 556348 I just want to add some sounds with animNotify to a npc but seems i have to rework the texture and when its done i get those kinds of critical errors I would like to ask you if there is any other way to make it work or if anyone could help to do it.Thanks!
  6. I found all conditions.It should be like this but it doesnt work for some reason :(
  7. Is there any way to put condition for a specific weapon(not for all weapons of that type) so that only one class can equip it without touching core? Thanks in advance!
  8. I tried doesnt work....entry.dll and lucycat_weapons.u seem to be corrupted!
  9. I used Developer config as you said and i see on gameserver console:example: CalcSkillSuccess(): Name: Shield Stun type: Stun power: 80.0 statMode: 0.74 skillMode: 1.01 mAtkMode: 1.0 lvlMod: 1.01 total: 60,64% On my hml skills folder stun is like this: ''<set name="power" val="10" /> <!-- Base Land Rate -->'' which is not related with what we see on Gameserver Console. Can i change anything of all these?
  10. I recently changed my pack into l2 aCis so sorry if my questions look newbie to you. I searched in forum about how to change skills chance on aCis but i didnt understand much.On my previous pack i was just changing the-> ''<set name="power" val="50" and i was able to adjust the skill chance.On aCis it doesnt work.Any solutions on this?
  11. The problem was that i should edit <ai type="default" to <ai type="DEFAULT" into npc folder! Thanks all for your help!You can lock it!
  12. Thanks all for your time.I did exactly what Rootware said above and i set the new instance(l2BuffInstance) to Tryskell Crappy buffer.I also edited a bit the html and i have a completely new buffer. So my problem is clearely in data/hml/npcs.Something is wrong with that! I cant spawn the new npcs that i create!
  13. I know that.I want to learn how can i add a new npc in aCis!!!
  14. I recently changed my pack into aCis and i have huge problem understanding how can i add a npc into my server.I have already tried to install 3 buffers but i always get the message ''applicant is incorrect''.I have to say that i use clean sources and i have seen all tutorials here on forum but nothing has worked for me. My steps are->1.Create new through eclipse in instance folder and compile. 2.Create 1-999.hml file in data/hml/npcs and put there the hml of my buffer with id:10 3.Create folder named buffer in data/html and put there the html that i have downloaded 4.Compile again I have checked through eclipse to avoid any syntax errors and i have matched all files. Is there anything else i have to do?Thanks for your time.