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  1. I managed to solve this problem by changing version of UE and all animations work correctly now.(i changed to version 3) Now i have new problem.I followed guide of GLO: and i managed to follow all his steps.I applied his script but now npcs dont attack at all.They have no animation on hiting. I think problem is script cause without it they are fine but without sounds.I use l2acis interlude. Any solution what should i do next?Im stucked!
  2. Recently i started again a project and i tried for the first time client developing.After many hours on pc and after infinite tries to edit some npcs i came to a conclusion that i need to pay for gildors tool if i want to see the animations in l2 client cause i have those types of errors: SkeletalMesh DivineBeast_WariinG.Divine_beast_m00: Serial size mismatch: Got 556344, Expected 556348 I just want to add some sounds with animNotify to a npc but seems i have to rework the texture and when its done i get those kinds of critical errors I would like to ask you if there is any other way to make it work or if anyone could help to do it.Thanks!
  3. I found all conditions.It should be like this but it doesnt work for some reason :(
  4. Is there any way to put condition for a specific weapon(not for all weapons of that type) so that only one class can equip it without touching core? Thanks in advance!
  5. I tried doesnt work....entry.dll and lucycat_weapons.u seem to be corrupted!
  6. I used Developer config as you said and i see on gameserver console:example: CalcSkillSuccess(): Name: Shield Stun type: Stun power: 80.0 statMode: 0.74 skillMode: 1.01 mAtkMode: 1.0 lvlMod: 1.01 total: 60,64% On my hml skills folder stun is like this: ''<set name="power" val="10" /> <!-- Base Land Rate -->'' which is not related with what we see on Gameserver Console. Can i change anything of all these?
  7. I recently changed my pack into l2 aCis so sorry if my questions look newbie to you. I searched in forum about how to change skills chance on aCis but i didnt understand much.On my previous pack i was just changing the-> ''<set name="power" val="50" and i was able to adjust the skill chance.On aCis it doesnt work.Any solutions on this?
  8. The problem was that i should edit <ai type="default" to <ai type="DEFAULT" into npc folder! Thanks all for your help!You can lock it!
  9. Thanks all for your time.I did exactly what Rootware said above and i set the new instance(l2BuffInstance) to Tryskell Crappy buffer.I also edited a bit the html and i have a completely new buffer. So my problem is clearely in data/hml/npcs.Something is wrong with that! I cant spawn the new npcs that i create!
  10. I know that.I want to learn how can i add a new npc in aCis!!!
  11. I recently changed my pack into aCis and i have huge problem understanding how can i add a npc into my server.I have already tried to install 3 buffers but i always get the message ''applicant is incorrect''.I have to say that i use clean sources and i have seen all tutorials here on forum but nothing has worked for me. My steps are->1.Create new through eclipse in instance folder and compile. 2.Create 1-999.hml file in data/hml/npcs and put there the hml of my buffer with id:10 3.Create folder named buffer in data/html and put there the html that i have downloaded 4.Compile again I have checked through eclipse to avoid any syntax errors and i have matched all files. Is there anything else i have to do?Thanks for your time.
  12. You're right.I just revived these server files from my old pc and i tried to give it a chance but at last seems like its a waste of time.It works perfectly with all customs that i had implemented but there are some serious java side bugs(like that i mentioned above -> which need java development.I changed to acis pack so ill work on that for now.
  13. Characters dont hit after using a skill.Is there any way to have autoattack after using a skill???I use l2j 1434 version.